Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

blog keyboard1. I’ll be at Delaware Ag Week tomorrow giving a presentation on getting started with blogging. I feel like I’m still getting started, so hopefully I’ll learn something too!

2. I’m also gearing up for the regional Women in Agriculture Conference. Just opened registration! I’ve attended this program six times (I think) and it’s always been an eye-opener. I’ll be a speaker at this one, too, talking about why I use social media and why you should, too. The conference is held at Dover Downs, and is an awesome price at just $45 for two days worth of info. (Just the meals at Dover Downs would probably cost that much, so it’s practically free!).

3. Thursday is my birthday. My son told me I thinks I’m going to be 17, which coincidentally, is how high he can count. Not sure if I should be flattered by the number, or annoyed that he assigned me the highest possible number he knows. (Other than “nineteen-thirty”, which I have repeatedly told him is not an actual number.)

4. I am actually older than 17. In case you were wondering.

5. We just got back from our first family trip to Disney World, which really is the happiest place on earth. I would go again tomorrow. My husband wants to go again in 20 years.

irrigation6. We are still in the midst of getting our irrigation installed. The system is there, and it’s running, but we have to cross quite a few ditches with our system. Which means we have to build some bridges. P + I will be hard at work building bridges over the next month.

7. I could hardly type that last sentence without laughing. There is NO WAY that I will be involved in the bridge-building process. This is best for everyone. Trust me. My construction skills start and end at hanging curtain rods.

8. The whole irrigation process has forced me to add a few titles to the typical farmer’s job description. In addition to gardener, accountant, chemist, nutrient specialist, equipment operator, and mechanic, I have now included construction manager, electrician, and architect.

9. When this time of year rolls around, I just want to make soup all year long. Anyone have a really good recipe for soup they’d like to share?

10. We received our 2012 Census of Agriculture in the mail last week. Wow, this thing is detailed! It’s important to fill it out though, because the Census is one way we as farmers (and you as consumers) get a better picture of agriculture as a whole in this country.

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