Friday, August 3, 2012

Farm Women Friday: Food Safety Edition

We’re going to take a quick break in our Farm Women Fridays series to talk about all the wonderful produce available right now, and how you can make sure you’re eating safe food.

Christy Vanderwende of Farmer Dan’s Daughter and I gave a quick demonstration at the Delaware State Fair last week, highlighting some of our best Delaware produce and some great safety tips.

(Please forgive the sound quality. When recording at the state fair, you tend to pick up a lot of background noise – our voices go in and out sometimes).

Cara + Christy, Delaware State Fair, 2012

Here’s a few of the tips we talk about:

  • Wash your hands! It’s not just the fruits + veggies that could be dirty, your hands probably have some gunk on them too. If you’re cutting up veggies + meats, make sure you wash your hands in between foods.
  • Wash your produce! A quick rinse or a light scrub under running water is all you need. The running water provides an abrasive action that works better than just soaking veggies. Don’t use soap (it’s hard to remove from many fruits + veggies. Remember, no matter what type of produce you buy, you still need to wash it, if nothing else to get rid of germs from all the other people that touched it before you.
  • Clean your utensils and your surfaces. Ideally, you’d use a different cutting board for meats than for veggies, but washing your board completely before switching works too.
  • Once your fruit or veggies are cut, make sure you stick them in the fridge. Most will last at least a couple of days cut up. Some will last much longer – carrots always seem to last forever in my fridge.

Most of this is common sense, I know, but I also know that these are the things that I tend to let slide when I get a little busy. Bottom line? Wash everything, even yourself.


Christy and I both volunteer with CommonGround. We’re a group of farm women who are promoting agriculture and conversations between the people who grow food and the people who buy it. We want to be a direct resource for you any time you have questions about farming or your food. Ask us anything! You can reach Christy at her blog, and on twitter @LilWagonChristy. And of course, you can always leave a comment for me here on this post, or on my twitter page, @carabecca.

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