Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Fishing Trip

This past weekend, P taught H how to fish. It was a family trip, although my participation was pretty much limited to taking pictures. And sitting on a lawn chair. Which pretty much makes this my favorite fishing trip ever.

See that cute little fishing pole? Adorable, right? And of course, it's Cars-themed. As if H would accept anything less.
H's favorite parts were probably a tie between reeling the line and playing with the worms. No, I take that back. It was definitely playing with the worms. We probably could have skipped the fishing part and just let him throw worms into the pond one by one.

His first catch was a sunfish. Looks small to me, but according to P, it was a pretty good size for a sunfish. I've come to the point where I pretty much defer to him for all outdoor-related matters. We both know that my expertise lies elsewhere. For example, I am way better at programming the DVR.
H is now telling anyone who will listen that he caught two fishies, and they were big fishies, and that fishies eat worms. It took some convincing to get him to understand that the worms don't eat the fishies, but I'm pretty sure he's got it now.

Anyone else been fishing lately?

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  1. Love the look on his face as he's admiring his catch! Daddy looks pretty happy too.