Friday, April 6, 2012

In the rye jungle.

I love this photo of my boys. P is telling H all about the rye we planted in our garden two years ago. Yep, two years. Last year we planted tillage radishes as cover crop, but we had some "volunteer" rye come back from the year before.

Volunteer crops are ones that come up sort of by accident. Have you ever had a pumpkin plant grow where you tossed the previous year's jack o'lantern? Same basic principle.

It cracks me up to watch H try to wade through rye grass that is up to his waist. In fact, he won't go through it without holding P's hand. "Hand, Daddy!"

Speaking of hands + things I find hilarious, lately when I tell H he has to hold my hand (like when walking to the car from daycare,  he clasps his hands together in front of him. After a couple of episodes of this, I realized what he was doing.

Holding his OWN hand. Good grief. He's going to constantly outsmart me, isn't he?

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