Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gardening Part 2 - Raised Beds

2012-03-25 17.45.20

For the last two years, we've planted our garden in a series of raised beds. Not the fancy knee-high wooden plots that *I* wanted and that P said was way too much work, but a simple bed of soil that has been worked up and that lies just a couple of inches above the rest of the garden. We planted our first two beds this weekend. They're about 3 ft wide by maybe 25 feet long.

P does most of the work. H "helped" and I took pictures.

2012-03-25 17.44.59

See how pretty that soil looks all turned over and ready to go? Almost pretty enough to touch (unless you're me, in which  case you stole your son's gloves and tried to cram them on your hands in an attempt to ward off the dirtiness).

H and I planted wax beans and green beens. P planted sweet corn. And see that black tube? No, that is not a snake. It's a soaker hose. We lay the hose on top of the bed, but underneath plastic, to irrigate our garden. This way we don't have to use a sprinkler, and our water usage is actually much more efficient, since we're only dripping water where the plants are growing, and not all over the garden.

2012-03-25 18.02.41

Finally, we cover the bed with black nursery plastic for two reasons: it helps keep the soil warm, and it stifles weed growth. As our plants start to grow, we'll go back in and cut holes to allow the plants to come through the plastic and get some direct sunlight.

2012-03-25 18.03.40

Now that the temperatures have dropped back down a bit, we'll hold off on planting anything else for at least a couple of weeks. Or H + I will. P hopes to get started planting field corn behind our house by mid-April. He already has everything disked and ready to go :)

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