Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

For the last couple of years, Phillip's extended family has been tagging their trees in a big family event at a local tree farm. We haven't gone, partly because sometimes I like to do stuff on our own, and partly because I loved going up to a nursery in Smyrna to pick out our tree and see all the ornaments and lights. But after last year's disastrous tree hunting exercise (at a more local place that I won't name, but it was bad), we decided to give it a go.

And I'm so glad we did. We were the only ones on the farm, it was a gorgeous day, and Henry had a blast running through the trees and chasing the (surprisingly tame) rabbit. I got some great pictures of the kid, and we even took a not - quite - so - hot picture of the family. We so rarely get all three of us in a photo, so that was a super special moment for me.

Not to mention the tree we picked was amazing, and looks so fantastic in front of our windows. We went a bit smaller this year, just shy of 10 feet, but I really think we've found the perfect size.

11 22 11_0132

Me and Phillip
11 22 11_0011

Watching the rabbit with Daddy (who Henry calls Diddy, which I find hilarious)
11 22 11_0137

Henry with his Uncle Chris

11 22 11_0002

Running, AKA our Christmas card photo this year

11 22 11_0140a
The whole family in front of our tree

Do you do a real or artifical tree? Is yours a big one like ours?

**December Daily - I am doing it, I just haven't gotten around to printing the pictures or uploading to my blog recently. Plus, I just finished my very last scrapbook page for 2010, which means my album is full and I need a new one for 2011. I managed to fit '08, '09, and '10 in one big one. My plan for DD is just a 4x6 paper album that I bought on Etsy, plus a few things I had laying around, plus some not-so-daily pictures. I'm just doing "holiday" items this year. So a "tree hunting" pic will go in, even though we actually did this before Thanksgiving.

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  1. Wow! Henry has gotten so big! I bet he'll really enjoy Christmas this year. You picked a beautiful tree.