Friday, December 31, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Tweets . . .

Wow, so this is what a year in tweets looks like! Trust me, there were MANY MANY more, but I narrowed it down to the top few for each month.


1/9 – Hey, acid reflux: you can suck it.

1/13 – I love the expression on people's faces when they ask when I'm due, and I say, "Today."

1/20 – And, I'm staying! Getting induced today. Tator Tot, I am so excited to meet you.

1/21 – Welcome to the world, Henry Jacob.

1/22 – I am so in love with this kid already. I honestly can't believe he's really all mine.



2/8 – I love that the two feet of snow we got this weekend forced Phillip to work from home. He has his laptop on his desk and Henry on his lap.

2/10 – Still in the midst of a blizzard. Or, as the meteorologist called it, Snowpacolypse 2010.

2/11 – This is the 5th outfit I've put on Henry today. This boy could pee through iron.

2/25 – Hubby to me last night: I think Henry's wet. His level of anger just increased.



3/1 – H pooped on me yesterday. ON ME. As in, so much his diaper couldn't handle it and it ended up on my lap. Not cool, baby, not cool.

3/9 – Told mom I couldn't leave H with her while I shopped b/c I didn't have any nipples with me. Bottle nipples, but still, that sounded weird.

3/12 – Earlier today, when I should have been cleaning, I chose to hold Henry on my chest while he napped for 2 hours. Definitely the right choice.

3/17 – Is it crazy that I know EXACTLY what's on tv at 4 in the morning?



4/3 – H likes to bang his head into my head. Pretty sure one of us is going to end up with a broken nose. If it's me, I'm getting a nose job.

4/3 – Holy cow. Henry rolled over. Twice, just in case I thought the first time was a fluke.

4/12 – Last day of maternity leave is tomorrow. Excuse me while I cry.

4/14 – We made it. H and I are home, together, just like it should be.

4/20 – What am I going to do? Working all 5 days this week, and only 3 pairs of pants that fit.

4/28 – H and I had a difference of opinion on what constitutes morning. I think it's 5:45, he things it's 3. So exhausted.



5/6 – Just realized it was a year ago this past Tuesday that we found out we were pregnant. Can't believe it's been a year already! Love you, H.

5/30 – Phillip + I are at a wedding. Well, he's at a wedding. I'm sitting in the car pumping. First date night w/o Henry.




6/4 – H fell asleep by himself last night AND slept through the night for the third night in a row.  AWESOME.

6/4 – Paying my sister to clean my house? $30.  Coming home to a clean house? Priceless.

6/9 – H rolled the other day, then looked up at me, like, what? Aren't you going to applaud?

6/14 – Just as we were about to leave this morning, H spit up all over both of us. And then laughed in my face. Thanks, kiddo.

6/17 – I just saw a tow truck towing another tow truck.

6/21 – It makes sense that today is the longest day of the year, because it is turning into a LONG. FREAKING. DAY.



7/3 – Completed Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K. Good grief I am out of shape.

7/12 – I love that I have a supportive hubby. Just called to confirm that he would be home early to watch H so I could go running J

7/12 – And I'm using the term "running" pretty loosely here.

7/13 – H likes to grab my face with both hands when I lean in to kiss him. Love that.

7/19 – I'm going shopping for a bathing suit. Prayers are appreciated.

7/31 – You know what sucks? Stretch marks. Thanks, H.



8/4 – I must be batshit crazy to run in this weather. Somebody tweet me in 30 minutes to make sure I haven't died.

8/23 – Okay, can my customers SENSE that I'm getting ready to go on vacation? Have had over $3M in requests THIS MORNING. Normally great, but NOW?

8/23 – Co-worker's teenage daughter told me today that she "loved how pretty I was and how I always dressed so nice." Yes, I'm blushing.

8/24 – I will not cuss at clients. I will not cuss at clients. I will not cuss at clients. I will not cuss at clients. I will not cuss at clients.

8/25 – I definitely forgot makeup this morning. I *may* have forgotten deodorant. And I had a nail in my tire, which means my car is at the shop, which means I can't even drive somewhere to BUY deodorant.

8/29 – We are home from our beach vacation with a 7-month-old. And we are exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.



9/1 – Super productive today, which hopefully makes up for sucking at life yesterday.

9/3 – Have I mentioned we're throwing a labor day picnic for 50 people on Sunday? Yes, the weekend after our beach trip. Yes, I'm an idiot.

9/4 – Eating at Chick Fil A and THEN running is a bad idea. Ask me how I know.

9/10 – Who knew that one little nose could produce SO MUCH snot?

9/10 – So, H is COMPLETELY IRATE when I wipe the snot dripping down his face, but he is PERFECTLY FINE with wiping on my shirt. Awesome.

9/20 – I'm glad someone (Henry) finally appreciates my mad dance skills.



10/2 – And I'm done. First 5K. Complete.

10/5 – Is it weird that I brought scrapbooking supplies to work? They're sitting under my desk, just waiting for my lunch break.

10/9 – Oh, now H has learned to pull himself up. There will be no stopping him now.

10/15 – Running today for the first time in a week. Nothing to do w/ me being lazy + everything to do with this dirty little word: harvest.

10/26 – Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of the treadmill. Not. A. Fan.

10/31 – I think I may have overdosed on chocolate. Please tell me I'm not alone.



11/12 – Ever gone to work and realized you shouldn't have worn a black bra with that shirt? I mean, it's never happened to me. Definitely not today.

11/14 – P: What are you eating? Me: cough drop. P: Oh, you smell like old people.

11/17 – H and I have a system. I fold a piece of clothing, he pulls it off the pile + throws it in the floor. Such a good helper!

11/19 – Not only did I trip + fall in front of my boss today, but I just missed my mouth + spilled soda all over myself.

11/20 – He just discovered the joy of pulling tissues out of the box one by one.

11/21 – H stood up on his own today for about 5 seconds. Then we all collapsed into giggles. It was wonderful.

11/30 – Sister in college: I need a job. I'm poor. Me: You think you're poor? Try having a mortgage. And a kid. And a husband who farms and hunts.



12/1 – Huh. My tights are too big, and they keep falling down. This is awkward.

12/1 – Does Spanx make leggings? I need a pair of those.

12/2 – Working from home in my recliner. Definitely not awful.

12/3 – Just a general reminder: whoever you are, whatever you want, you deserve it. You are awesome.

12/7 – I have spent all night in the recliner with H. Notice I didn't say "slept." 3rd night of this. I'm a little grumpy.

12/9 – I scrapbook because I have a serious case of CRS.

12/11 – I've decided that I'm totally cool with my house not being clean for the next two years. That's the last stage of grief, right? Acceptance?

12/13 – I can finally breathe through my nose again. I'd forgotten how nice it feels.

12/18 – Shoppers, beware! I'm wearing my kick-ass boots today.

12/20 – P is interviewing RIGHT NOW for his dream job.

12/25 – P + I are about to throw a Christmas hissy fit re: toy assembly.

12/29 – I haven't worn heels in a LONG time. I'm pretty sure my feet are getting ready to cut themselves off so they can kick me in the head.



Happy New Year's Everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Expectations?

You know what's irritating? When someone doesn't update their blog.  Really burns my britches.

Oh, wait.  I don't update my blog.  Ignore the previous comment.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but there is just SO MUCH GOING ON RIGHT NOW.  I know, everyone has a lot going on in December.  But honestly? I always imagined myself as this sweet little domestic goddess, working full time, taking care of H, decorating my house for Christmas, getting handmade cards sent out by December 1, etc.

Basically, I was totally delusional.  For example, my "holiday" cards are currently sitting on my desk, in various states of doneness.  And they are totally photo cards printed from Shutterfly.  Also, notice how they are now "holiday" cards instead of "Christmas" cards?  Yeah, that's because I'm hoping to have them out by New Year's.  Or Epiphany.  Or Valentine's Day.  Whatever.

I actually drove H to daycare yesterday, on snowy roads, just so that I could drive back home and spend my vacation day doing "mama" stuff.

My resolution for the new year? Lower my expectations.

*Hope everyone had a wonderful December.  Even though it was a tad bit stressful (and I'm secretly glad it's almost over), we really did love this year.

**Happy Birthday M + J Cabrera!