Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Family Vacation

First, thank you to Ali Edwards for introducing me to  I was "gently reminded" to write down my observations over our 4 day vacation to Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks, NC.

Here's a few highlights:

While driving through NC, we decided that the official state dessert must be fudge. Seriously, there are signs for fudge everywhere. Also, crabs are ridiculously cheap there.

H liked playing with his sand toys (on the sheet, not the sand. He eats EVERYTHING.) Did NOT like having his little toes dipped in the water. A little worried that this trip would be a total bust if he hated the beach.

After a pretty rough night of not sleeping, we decided to try "Stack 'Em High" for breakfast. Seriously, isn't that an awesome name for a pancake place? It looked like a little family-owned shop that had been there for 30 years, which is what I love. Tried to get H to eat his oatmeal here, but he was way too interested in everything around him.

Decided to try the pool since we know H likes that. Success! Had a lot of fun letting him "swim." Headed to the beach to try again while he was in a good mood. Woo to the hoo, he loved it! Not surprising, since it normally takes a few tries for him to really warm up to something. (Not people though, he's definitely a people person like his Daddy).

Henry + Mama, indoor pool


Mama + Henry

Henry getting his feet wet


Out to the beach again. Phillip tried some boogie boarding while H and I played on the blanket. Even I got in the water up to my waist. Awesome. The water was so clear, and so warm. Nothing like the DE beaches. I think I could actually become a beach person if we keep going places like this. Back in the pool to rinse off, then time for another nap. P went fishing while H rested. No luck tonight!

Tried to go to a pizzeria for dinner, but someone (not that I'm pointing fingers, HENRY!) was pretty tired and cranky. Decided to get takeout and eat in the hotel. Kind of fun to just chill out and eat in bed. Only one day left!

Since H was still in a good mood, we headed down to the beach for a few pics down there as well. Hopefully they turned out good. Hopefully I don't look like a fat mom. If so, I'll just do what I always do: crop the heck out of the picture.

Time for a nap! I love that we are all taking a nap together during vacation. And good grief, we need it. H wears us out sometimes.

LOVE that our hotel door was right over the dune. And wow, was that dune difficult to climp up while holding H. Jeesh. Thank goodness I've been running, or I never would have made it.

We ate dinner at a place I picked, PigMan's Barbecue. SO GOOD. I totally kicked ass with the food choices for this trip. And with absolutely no research! I just knew I wanted to try some NC barbecue. And NC, you did not disappoint! Perfectly sweet and vinegar-y. Best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had.

Decided to head out to the beach one last time. Phillip wanted to do some fishing (and actually caught a fish!!), and H and + I just sat on the boogie board and watch the waves come in. Perfect ending to the vacation.

Family photo in front of the Kill Devil Hills dunes

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  1. This is fantastic! I haven't been brave enough to take the boys to the beach yet, but it looks like H had a great time! Great adventure. :)