Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Internet Friends

So, last night my husband and I were talking, and I said something along the lines of, "Well, so-and-so does this."
"Who?" he asks.
"You know, so-and-so.  I've told you about her before."
"Wait, is that one of your INTERNET FRIENDS?"
Oh. My. God. Ya'll, he totally used air quotes.  And the tone he used, well he might as well have been saying IMAGINARY FRIENDS. 
He then proceeded to tease me (all in good fun, because that's the kind of relationship we have). 
"Does she even exist?  Have you ever seen a picture?  Maybe she's actually a serial killer!"
He was totally relentless.  And while we laughed about it (because at 9:30 at night, using only my blackberry, I actually COULDN'T find a picture of this chick), it led me to wonder.
Are internet friends really friends?  I guess what I mean is, do you clarify between types of friends?  When I say, my friend showed me this, should I have to specify that it was (gasp!) an internet friend?
(Also, who else thinks that the air quotes were totally unnecessary?  Yeah, me too.)

P.S. How completely biased are these responses going to be, considering no one I know in *air quotes here* REAL LIFE *end air quotes* reads this blog?