Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just call me "Conqueress of the Raging River"

This weekend was an adventure.
Sunday, Phillip and I had to drive 2 hours to a friend's wedding in northern Maryland.  Oh, the drama on that trip.
First, it's the first time I've spent the night away from Henry.  Which is pretty traumatic all by itself.
Second, I forgot my bc meds at home.  Since we don't exactly want another little Henry running around QUITE so soon, we had to turn around.  (Only 5 minutes out though, so no big deal!)
Third, we had to make a stop at my office because I'd left a pump part there.  And I definitely needed that.
Here's where the story gets REAL interesting.
I set off the alarm at my office.  Oh. My. God.  I totally had a panic attack.  Of course, I entered the code wrong.  Thought I must have hit the wrong button.  In a panic, I call my old boss, whose cell phone I actually have stored in my phone, and who happened to retire two days ago.  Thank goodness she kept the emergency number in her purse, and thank goodness we're old family friends and she doesn't think I'm a total lunatic now. 
Because, people, I was FREAKING OUT.  Completely.  I call the company, and they tell me they will cancel the alarm, no problem.  Whew.
I call back, and the call center tells me that they don't have remote access, they can only cancel the alarm so that the police don't come.  They transfer me to the "engineering" department, where I have to LEAVE A MESSAGE.  Yeah.  A message.
Since I now know the police aren't coming, I just grab my part and leave.  My husband officially thinks I'm crazy, but we have just wasted 30 minutes, and I refuse to be late to this wedding.
My heart is pounding, my pulse is racing, and I have broken out in a sweat.  Not so cute.  Also, it's 1:00, we haven't eaten (planned to eat on the way), and we may have just lost our window of time to stop for lunch.
Good news:  15 minutes down the road, the alarm company calls me back to tell me that as long as the police call is canceled, the alarm will stop ringing in 15 minutes.  Oh, thank goodness.
Fast forward just a bit.  We decide that we have to stop at Mickey D's and get some lunch.  Because neither of us are very pleasant on an empty stomach.
We pull off the highway just before the Bay Bridge and order.  I then decide that we need to switch places, because Phillip is not driving nearly as fast as I would like him too.  Also, I am better in traffic than he is.  We pay, then decide we can just switch places in the drive-through.  We play a quick game of Chinese fire drill, hop back in the opposite seats, grab our meals and hit the road.  Our stop took a total of 3 minutes before we were back on the highway.  (Thank you, Kent Island McDonald's!)
We are driving and eating, constantly talking about how neither of us can believe that I set off the alarm.  Then we almost get hit by a Jeep.
Question:  if someone starts to veer into your lane, and you realize they don't see you, what do you do?  Do you honk?  Yes?  So do I.  Apparently, Phillip thinks this is wrong, and honking serves no purpose.  I should have just slammed on my brakes.  Um, I did.  And I also thought it would be a good idea to let the guy know I was still here.  We constantly have issues with each other's driving.  I think it's a general "being married" thing.  Never any serious fights, and we can always laugh about it in a few minutes. 
Phillip:  You almost got us killed!
Cara:  No, the Jeep almost got us killed.  I saved us.  You're welcome, by the way.
Later in the trip, just after getting of I-270. 
Phillip:  I think you missed the road.
Me:  I didn't miss it.  It's not there.  I would have seen it.
Phillip:  You must have missed it.
Me:  Maybe YOU missed it.  I'm trying to drive. 
Me:  Here it is.  Stupid signs.
We travel down a very scary road for a few miles, then discover, in front of us, what's that?
A creek.  Through the road.  Yeah, seriously.
(I always thought I lived in the middle of nowhere, but I realize I was wrong.  Oh, so, wrong.)
There is no way I'm going to drive my Camry, a COMPANY CAR,  through a creek.  No way.
We turn around (not easy, by the way).  Then we happen to see an SUV go through the creek, no problem.
We both look at each other, both wanting to say it, but neither of us quite having the guts.
Then I go for it.
Me:  Phillip, I am going through that creek.
Phillip:  OK.  You should be fine, I guess.
So I do it.  I GO THROUGH THE CREEK.  YES!  AWESOME!  I feel like I have just run a marathon.  I am INVINCIBLE!!!
Phillip, with a look of admiration, and a little fear:  I cannot believe you just drove through that creek.
Me:  What?!?  You told me you thought it was fine!  Why would you say that?
Phillip:  I do not know.  But that was kind of awesome.
Me:  Damn right it was!  Also, when we tell this story later, I'd appreciate it if you described the creek as 'a gently flowing stream.'
Finally, we pull up to the wedding (15 minutes before it starts).  Success!  And thus ends another crazy adventure.
The real kicker?  Here's what I realized this morning, at exactly 7:50 AM.  The alarm code, which I KNEW I had entered correctly, was, well, not so correct.  You see, my extension at work and our alarm code are VERY VERY SIMILAR, but they are NOT THE SAME.
Duh, Cara.
I will never tell anyone at work that part of the story.
But I am totally telling EVERYONE about the creek.
I mean stream.  River.  Waterfall.


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  1. What an adventure! All I did this weekend was grill out. LOL