Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life - Monday

I’m doing Ali Edward’s Week in the Life project this week (love this project).  It’s my third time recording a week, and each time my life has been SO different.  In October 2008, it was just me + Phillip.  In October 2009, I was pregnant.  And now we have Henry.  So cool to see how things have changed.


I didn’t have a chance to upload any pictures last night.  (Although since I only took 12 all day, I don’t suppose it would have taken very long.)  But here’s a few highlights from my stream of consciousness journaling during the day:



Henry in a great mood today; so smiley and happy in the mornings.  I really enjoy getting up at the same time as Phillip now.  It’s nice to have a few minutes to chat.  I can also see why he likes to get up and slowly get ready, as opposed to my previous “wake up out the door” mentality.  Much more relaxing.  Discovering that I really like being a morning person; it’s just always been overshadowed by my love of sleep.


Snack – sugar free jello chocolate pudding.  This has carried over from pregnancy as one of the snacks I absolutely love.  And only 1 weight watchers point!


Reflecting on how different this project is than the last time I did it.  Really seeing the importance of doing this yearly.  Will I remember 5 years from now that my favorite part of the day is early morning, after H has eaten, when we just sit in the rocker and he smiles and giggles as Daddy tickles him?  I hope so.  But in case I don’t, I want that memory written down.


Realizing I made some stupid errors on some credit work last week.  Apparently, it is possible to forget everything you’ve ever learned about a subject.  Because I have definitely forgotten how to fill out loan paperwork.


Visited with P in the shop for a little while. He tried to get H excited about spark plugs and oil filters, but H was more interested in seeing how long he could make his strand of drool.


Very quick shower tonight, H very fussy.  Typical for bedtime.  It’s his way of letting us know he’s tired.  Got up twice once we put him down.  Very hungry tonight.  I’ve noticed that he doesn’t really want to eat until he’s REALLY hungry.



Are you participating this week?  I’d love to follow along!


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