Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Daily, Days 8-12

Today is a snow day!  Phillip thinks we already have 6-8 inches, and it's supposed to continue snowing all day.  I just wish this had happened during the week, so I could have a day off work!

December Daily updates:

8:  A Collection of Gifts.  "Joy" from my mom.  The chest from Christ - contained presents last year.  Pinecones, etc., from my stash of holiday garland.  Put together, I created what I think is an adorable little holiday tableau.

9:  I don't have very many Christmas decorations.  After all, this is only the 4th Christmas we've had a place to decorate.  I'm trying to buy a little bit at a time.  I scored two of these fancy-schmancy trees last year at AC Moore's after Christmas sale.  75% off.  Now that makes the holidays a little brighter!

10:  Love getting a whole box of fruit from the high school FFA chapter.  We bought a box of tangelos this year.  I'm hoping they last through the new year.  He just likes to make funny faces with them.


11:  This is what a stack of 62 baby shower thank you cards looks like.  Had to buy more stamps.  Next up, Christmas cards.  (Soon!)


12:  Phillip's first deer of the season, a good-sized doe.  He hasn't had very much time to hunt this year, but we are both glad to be putting some meat in the freezer.


That's it for right now, I have to take some more pictures.

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  1. I love the little things that you are capturing! I like how they are seasonal & current, not just "Christmas." Hope you enjoyed your snow day!