Friday, November 20, 2009

This Weekend . . .

Our household has been kind of chaotic lately. Not Britney-Kevin chaotic, but still.

Here's a brief synopsis, starting with Thursday the 5th:

Thursday the 5th: Phillip called me at work to tell me his father died in the hospital - one day after his 52nd birthday. Complete liver failure (Please, if you're going to drink, don't do it to the extent that your liver can't keep up. It's an awful way to go, both for you and your family.) Phillip had to drive 4 hours home from Virginia that night. Very emotional.

Friday the 6th: Both of us home from work. Made a trip to the funeral home to plan for the next week. Spent a lot of time with family. My mom + grandma brought us lasagna. A ton of Phillip's friends came over to support him and just hang out. It was wonderful to see this close-knit group of guys, two of which have also lost their fathers in the past 3 years. A few of them helped to put our baby furniture together.

Saturday the 7th: Went to IHOP for breakfast and took Phillip + his brother for haircuts. More planning.

Monday the 9th: Viewing + funeral. Nice service by the minister who married Phillip + me. Good message about our sins being forgiven + effectively glossing over the past 3 years of his dad's life, which were honestly still at the front of everyone's mind, but not really the way we wanted to remember him.

Tuesday the 10th: Stayed at home with Phillip again. He's starting to get sick, probably from being completely run-down over the past few days.

Wednesday the 11th: I went back to work while Phillip stayed home. He + his brother met with a lawyer to work on the estate legalities. Mom went to labor class with me since Phillip was sick.

Thursday the 12th: Phillip went to the doctor. Antibiotics. He is miserable to be around when he's sick. Very whiney. I had a meeting with a new customer at work. Rainy all day long. Good news is that even though he was sick, Phillip was also very, very bored at home. I came home to a sparkling clean house!

Friday the 13th: Ominous, right? Still rainy. Phillip still sick. Breastfeeding class for me. I cried all the way home, something I hadn't really done at all throughout the last week. I was trying to be strong for my husband, but everything caught up to me all at once. Plus, I'm slightly emotional from the pregnancy.

Saturday the 14th: Surprise baby shower! This was definitely the highlight of the last few weeks. My family threw a wonderful shower for me + Tator Tot. We got a TON of stuff, most all of which is still sitting in the nursery in gift bags. I was completely exhausted afterwards, and pretty much crashed on the couch as soon as we got home.

Sunday the 15th: I'm drawing a blank. Told you I've been stressed/worn out.

Monday the 16th: Work, for both of us. First time Phillip's been to work in over a week. Found out that we were not registered for an infant care class like I thought we were. Freed up our night. Made, wrote, and sent out about 25 thank you cards for condolence notes we got.

Tuesday the 17th: Phillip traveling to Ocean City for Crop School. (Yes, you read that correctly. He had to renew his certification as a Certified Crop Advisor.) OB appointment in the morning. Doctor confirmed that I had a bruised rib and that there was basically nothing I could do for it but take Tylenol. Not helpful. Baby is still doing well, 140 heartbeat. My blood pressure is holding steady at 88/55. Normal for me.

Wednesday the 18th: Lots of driving for me today - visiting several customers to sign loan papers. Phillip drove back from OC to go to labor class with me. We had a tour of the hospital, which was fantastic. We're both really enjoying the classes. Talked a little bit about c-sections, which confirmed my thought that I want to go all natural, or as natural as humanly possible. Weird that the dentist freaks me out, but that I totally think I can manage labor. We shall see.

Thursday the 19th: Bad news. The job I applied + interviewed for over a month ago was offered to someone outside the company. So much for promoting + hiring from within. My consolation is that immediate boss seems pretty ticked about the decision too. Turns out she campaigned for me to get the position, which I certainly appreciate, even though it seems that it did little good. Oh, well. I do like my current job. I just thought I'd like that one better.

Friday the 20th: Right, that's today. All caught up.

Plans for the weekend: Finish invitations for our Holiday Shindig. Work on baby shower thank you cards. Christmas cards. Have Phillip pull down decorations from the attic so I can see what I want to get for this year. Make December Daily. Clean the house. Organize nursery/put stuff in the attic. Try not to stress myself out. Remember to relax.

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