Friday, August 7, 2009


Some fun convos from yesterday:

During a meeting with a big customer:
Him: So, when are you due?
Me: January, I guess I'd forgotten that I told you.
Him: Oh, no I can just tell.
Me: (odd look on my face)
Him: It's the twinkle in your eye.
Huh, I thought it was probably the bulge around my waist. But he is an old-fashioned guy, and I loved the "twinkle in your eye" cover for basically telling me my stomach is getting huge.

With a friend's wife, as she reaches out to touch my belly:
Me, as a pull out of her reach: It really freaks me out when people try to touch my stomach.
Her: Oh, sorry! Why?
Me: Because it's weird.

As husband pokes my belly for the umteempth time:
Me: What exactly are you doing?
Him: I just like to poke around. It feels funny.
Me: Thanks.


  1. LMAO! My hubs keeps poking my belly too. God forbid I should fall asleep on the couch. I usually wake up with a husband prodding my midsection and a dog licking my face. Nice.

  2. Well, I'd certainly rather someone say I have a twinkle in my eye than well, you're getting fatter.