Monday, June 15, 2009

Me, by the Numbers - 8 & 9

Life has been pretty busy here lately, and obviously the blog has suffered a bit! Playing a little catch-up today.

(Pretend I wrote this on June 5th, right on schedule.)

I have lived in eight different places in my life. My first four years were spent in a tiny single-wide trailer while my parents saved up some money. We then moved to a small ranch home on a beautiful piece of property, where we lived until I was 17. We then built a gorgeous house right on that same property and tore down the old house. I only really lived there for a year, and then summers during college.

In college, I lived in three different buildings. My roommate (and best friend) and I spent our first semester in an all-girls dorm on the south end of campus. So boring! No one interacted with each other, making for a pretty unpleasant semester. In the spring, we transferred to an apartment-style dorm, which we loved. I lived there the next year too, but with different roommates. My last year at school, I rented an off-campus apartment with two other girls from my study program. I loved the independence of living pretty much on my own. Fabulous.

I moved back in with my mom (father had moved out by that point) for about a month after graduation, before moving in with my then-fiance. The place we moved to was an hour away from work and a total dump. We did spend the first portion of our married life there, including our first Christmas, but I have no desire to ever see the place again! We were only there for about five months while we were building our home, which we moved into over two years ago. I love it, and hope we never move!

When I played softball in Little League (played poorly, I might add!) I always wore the number eight. No special reason, it just worked out that way.

Again, please imagine that you are reading this on June 12th. Thanks, much appreciated!

My husband and I started "officially" dating nine years ago today. We started dating when I was only fifteen. Yep, I'm one of the lucky girls who got to grow up with her husband and married my high school sweetheart. Nine years have really gone so quickly.

I had a total of nine different roommates in college. My first year was spent with by best friend Michelle, and later two other girls (I can't even remember their names) when we transferred to another dorm. I spent my next year with two close friends from home, Rachel & Ashley. Our fourth roommate was a total weirdo, and she ended up moving out about two months into the year. We then got a new, fun roommate - Erin - for the remainder of the year. My final year I lived in an apartment with two girls in my major, Ashlee & Alison. Of all of those roommates, I'm still very close with four of them today!

There are nine rooms in my house. Boring, I know, but it fits! My very first home had seven (tiny) rooms, and the house my parents built had fourteen rooms! Way too much for me. I love our nine rooms. It's like Goldilocks, just right!

This Friday: an exciting edition of By The Numbers, if I actually remember to post it on time. We'll see.

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