Friday, May 1, 2009

Me, by the Numbers - Three

Another exciting edition! This one is a little wordy.

I finished college in three years. My first semester, I only took thirteen credits, and honestly? I had WAY too much time on my hands. I met with my advisor, and we decided it was totally possible to finish in three years. The spring semester of my freshman year was my test. I jumped to eighteen credits, taking six classes instead of four. And it was tough. But I knew I could totally do this. I even took twenty-one credits one semester, three of which were an independent study. I also LOVED taking online classes. While I wouldn't want to do this for my entire degree, or for more in-depth classes where interaction is more important, it was great for some of my electives like World Religions and Animal Science 101. In total, I think I ended up taking four online courses, two independent studies, and two courses at a community college in the summer. I took full semesters of summer and "winterim" courses every year. (Our winter break was eight weeks long.) I was so excited to graduate in three years, proving to myself that I could set a goal and achieve it.

I finished that degree three years ago.

I have three "completed" scrapbooks. Our honeymoon to Napa & Sonoma was the first set of pictures I'd ever scrapped. I consider Christmas 06/07 to be complete, as the book is stuffed and I will have to start a new album for 2008. I also did Ali Edward's Week in the Life project last October, and I consider that album completed. (I would LOVE to do this again, either a larger one-month version or a very detailed look into one day. Actually that would be a fun experiment - posting what I'm doing maybe every 30 minutes or so? Or totally boring. Whatev.)

I have owned three cars. I got my first car when I turned sixteen, a Ford Focus. I loved this car - a great first car. I literally ran it until it died. Over 120,000 miles in 7 years. Pretty impressive, right? There were SEVERAL times in the last two years when the car refused to start, or the engine cut off AS I WAS DRIVING. One very cold day in January, as I was delivering invitations to realtors in Lewes, my car just refused to start. Note: this was two months AFTER we put almost $2,000 of work into the car - just to get it to pass inspection! I had to get it towed to the nearest Ford dealer, who told me the car was probably worth $500. Fantastic. At this point, the car is only 7 years old (brand new when I bought it). We were SO frustrated. We ended up basically giving the car away for scrap. The next day, I bought a Honda Accord. Fantastic car. Probably would have kept it for ten years, but when I started my current job, I was eligible for a company car as one of the perks. We tried to sell the Honda for months, finally ended up selling it to Phillip's grandparents. My car now is a Toyota Camry, which is definitely my favorite, mostly because we don't have to pay for gas, maintanence, or insurance. Yay!

My credit card bill this month is three times bigger than my husband's. He doesn't know yet. Yikes.

I thought I'd write about a memory from third grade, but I honestly can't think of a single thing. Not even anything insignificant. Weird. I have plenty of memories from other years in school.

I started dance lessons when I was three. I can remember LOVING going to classes. I continued until I was fourteen. At that time, I was dancing close to fifteen hours a week and I was totally worn down. I knew I was never going to pursue dancing as a career, and I wasn't good enough to use it for scholarships to college, so I turned in my pointe shoes. Very bittersweet for me, as I made so many good friends. (I actually just found one of my old friends on facebook. She and I were inseparable for years, and she actually did go on to dance in college. Not sure what she's doing now, but I hope to catch up with her.)

Three things I'd rather be doing right now: sleeping, scrapbooking, playing on the internet.

Three things I need to do this weekend: clean my messy house, mow the grass, clean my scraproom.

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