Friday, May 15, 2009

Me, by the Numbers - Five

Not a lot of interesting "five" things in my life. Seriously. I've wracked my brain trying to think of things, and I came up with a big fat nothing. In lieu of quirky little tidbits about my life, you get this:

Cara's Top 5

5 Things I Do Not Want To Do On the Plane Tomorrow:

- Get airsick. It's a real possibility, I assure you.
- Sit next to the smelly dude. My senses really cannot handle that.
- Experience turbulence. See first comment.
- Sit next to someone else who gets airsick. Again, the senses.
- Sit in the middle.

5 Things I Can't Wait To Do When I Get Home:
- Hug + kiss my husband.
- Sleep in my own bed.
- Crash on my couch.
- Cuddle.
- Have a popsicle.

5 Things I'm Really Excited About Right Now:
- Cathy Z's "Everyone Can Write A Little" class.
- New Life. I <3 Spring.
- Scrapbooking for fun. I <3 Fun.
- Memorial Day AKA my next day off of work.
- Twitter.

5 Things You May Not Have Known About Me:
- My eyesight is 20/180. Yeah, that pretty much sucks. That means that what normal people can see clearly from 180 feet, I can only be 20 feet away from to see. I LIVE in glasses + contacts.
- I am a terrible swimmer. I could probably save myself from drowning, but I'm pretty sure I would pass out at the thought of having to swim laps.
- I love grilled cheese, but only with white american deli-sliced cheese. None of that "singles" crap. Disgusting.
- I HATE the smell of hot dogs.
- Sometimes my husband and I are so alike it scares me.

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  1. LOL! I like your subsitute list. And I'm with you on the singles thing... I'm a little picky about my cheese, too.

    (And on a side note: sorry I've been MIA for so long! But I'm back in the swing now, and hoping to "see" you more soon!)