Friday, May 29, 2009

Me, by the Numbers - 7

In my lifetime, I've flown seven times (seven round-trips). My first flight was to Louisville, KY, for the National FFA Conference when I was sixteen. I quickly learned that I do not really enjoy flying. When I went out to KY the next year, I drank Nyquil before getting on the plane. Worked wonderfully!! I've flown there a total of three times. My next flight was also my first solo flight, going down to Orlando to meet my mom and sisters at Disney World. My youngest sister was competing in a national cheerleading competition there. Not a horrible flight, but not nearly as much fun as Disney World. We flew nonstop to California for our honeymoon, a very long flight for me. My husband flies about four times a year, so it doesn't really bother him! My last two trips have been to North Carolina for work conferences. I just got back from a trip two weeks ago that was awful! I spent the entire hour trying desperately to not throw up all over the poor guy next to me.

I was seven when I got my first pair of glasses. I remember the doctor telling me that if I wore them correctly and frequently, my eyes would probably correct themselves. Liar.

My favorite hairstyle at that age was the super-cool side ponytail. Oh, yeah. With a scrunchie or a big bow that coordinated perfectly with my leggings and oversized sweater. I was such a trend setter. Or maybe not.

Seven things I'd like to accomplish this weekend: 1) Clean my scraproom. 2) Put away my china that's been sitting on my dining room floor for six months. 3) Organize my underwear/sock drawer. 4) Go through the bathroom cupboard and toss some old makeup. 5) Make graduation cards for both my sisters & my cousin. 6) Mow my grass. 7) Find a rug for our master bathroom.

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  1. What airlines do you fly? My husband works for Southwest and have had good experiences with them. More seat and leg room on their airplanes.