Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inspiration is Everywhere

I'm down in North Carolina at a business conference, the kind where the hotel sets a little pad of paper + a pen at every place setting.

I certainly wasn't expecting to find any kind of life inspiration here, but those little creative sparks really are everywhere. While playing with the Bic the hotel had generously provided for me, I noticed a little phrase in addition to the more common advertising logo.

play with words

Powerful, huh? Here I am, at a banking seminar of all places, and my pen is telling me to play with words. But the all-knowing hotel wasn't content to stop there. A note on my pad of paper reads, "more imagination per square foot." Aside from the incomplete comparison (more imagination per square foot than what/whom?), the statement really got me thinking. What am I doing to encourage creativity? Am I actively increasing my "imagination per square foot" or am I merely sitting back on my heels, content with where I am?

Using a literal interpretation, my supplies + my space for for creating are increasing. That's definitely more imagination per square foot, especially in my little 11x11 room. But what about a more expanded analysis? Are my cards + layouts pushing at my own boundaries, or have I been satisfied with just slapping things down on paper?

I think I know the answers to those questions, and I'd like to change them. I have been focused so much on productivity lately (finishing my sister's album, working on cards I needed that day) that I'm forgetting to have fun. I'm forgetting to play. Play with words - play with photos - play with papers + materials. I think you have to make a conscious choice to be creative, a choice to stretch your imagination.

I have decided to make that choice. I choose creativity. I choose fun.

What will your choice be?

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