Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Totally Random Wednesday

1. I ordered some of my digital layouts from (because if it's good enough for Ali Edwards, it's definitely good enough for me.)  They turned out great!  I'm very impressed with both the quality and the shipping speed.  And my husband?  Totally impressed with my computer prowess.

2. Speaking of scrapbooking, I have VERY FEW pictures left for my littlest sister!  Yay!  I'll be so relieved, because when I'm finished I can work in a more relaxed mode, i.e., no deadline!  My next project will be my husbands years and years of hunting/fishing pictures.  His requests?  "No froo-froo."  No problem, babe.  I'm actually doing little 6x6 pages - quick and easy, a little cardstock, a tiny bit of patterned paper, and a line of journaling for names/dates.  That's all he wants.  I'm then going to put all the pages in a 12x12 album in whatever order he wants.  This is "get it done" album, not a "be as creative as you can" album, for sure.  I also need to do last year's Christmas pictures.  But hey, there's no rush, right?

3. It is totally annoying to me that there is someone in my office who refuses to flush the toilet properly.  I mean, seriously, what is your problem?  I think I know who it is, too.  I guess I was under the impression that once you were, oh, I don't know, past the age of maybe SEVEN, you were pretty competent regarding the whole toilet-flushing scenario.  Clearly, I overestimated one of my co-workers.

4. I thought THIS was a fantastic article.  All about narcissism and self-entitlement, which I actually see a lot in my job.  People are astounded when I won't give them a half-million dollar loan, when they only have $200 in the bank and a credit score in the low 600s.  Sorry, but you do still have to earn some things in life.  I also think there's a big difference between loving yourself and being full of yourself.  I can spot cocky a mile awhile, and sorry, but that just doesn't fly with me.

5. I'm totally loving twitter.  Seriously.  It's super addicting.  And I am SO looking forward to the "Everyone Can Write A Little" class, starting in May.  I'm pumped!

6. My to-do list is only 3/4 of a page long this week.  In comparison to last week, that's a freaking miracle.  Just counted, only 12 items!  Of course, the week is only half over, but still!

7. I'd really like to rent a good movie sometime this week.  Any suggestions?  We watched 7 Pounds last week, which was pretty good.  Unfortunately, I figured out immediately what was going to happen, and continued to cry my way through the entire movie.  We also watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Hilarious, but I honestly saw more of Jason Segel than I had EVER wanted to see.  And watched Zack & Miri.  Wow, really not that funny at all.  It really could have been, but it totally wasn't.  Seth Rogan was fantastic in Superbad (now, THAT was funny) and awesome in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but he just is not cutting it as a leading man for me.  Maybe I'm just always drawn to the support characters.  Hmm.

8. This Saturday, we have the annual AG DAY at UD, my alma mater.  I'm going up to help with one of the booths.  Should be pretty fun.  Best part is I get to swing by Babies' R Us for a shower gift and the HUGE mall they have the next town over.  At least, it is much bigger than my mall.  Like five times as big.  So excited.  I could really use a pair of black slacks, and maybe a summery dress.

9. I could really go for a bagel and cream cheese right now.  From this place.  Oh, yum.

10. The weather here is slightly screwy.  Rain, rain, rain.  Then, oh, look, one beautiful day of sunshine, with temps in the 70s.  Hooray.  Next day?  50 degrees and raining.  Takes "April Showers" to a whole new level.  Naturally, when July and August roll around, and we actually NEED the rain for our crops, it will be as dry as a desert.  Just you wait and see.

11. I'll leave you today with our household's current favorite commercial.  McDonald's, you've really outdone yourself this time.

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