Friday, April 24, 2009

Me, by the Numbers - Two

I have two little sisters (I MAY have mentioned them before. Possibly.) I’m not sure that I can really consider them little anymore, since they are 17 and 22, but they still SEEM little to me. And I love ‘em. They are both graduating within the next month, one from high school, one from college. Crazy. Want to feel really old? Who is the first person you remember being born, or holding as a baby? Got it? OK, how old are they now? See, totally ruins your feeling of young-at-heart, doesn't it?

We have two dogs, Jack & Leia. I also may have mentioned them a time or two. To be honest, they’re really growing on me. We go on runs sometimes. They come when I call them (okay, this has actually only happened maybe three times, but still).

We lived with each other for two months before we got married. We probably wouldn’t have done that if my parents weren’t in the middle of a horrendous divorce. Needless to say, I wanted to be out of that house. I graduated in June, and we got married in October, so it was a little pointless for me to find a place to stay by myself for four months.

I've been married two years.

Two years ago, I was twenty-two.

We have two spare bedrooms in our house that are just waiting to be filled with (hopefully) two children. Coincidentally, it was about two months ago that I broke down in hysterics over said future children while driving home from Pennsylvania on my husband's birthday. Fun times.

(Things are MUCH better now. I truly believe that every once in a while, you have to freak out a little bit.)

I have held two jobs post-college. First, I was a sales rep for a major new-home-construction company. Fun at first, until I got put on full commission in May of 2007. Hello, housing crisis. Not really the best position to be in, honestly. Plus I had to work weekends, which was majorly cramping my style. It was a hard decision to leave, but I'm glad I did. I really like my current job as a loan officer for another major organization. Much more customer service and people orientated. Very family-friendly atmosphere. Company car. All good things.

Two places I would LOVE to visit are Greece and Italy. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I'd most like to visit the little towns, and maybe see where my family lived.

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  1. I love these "By the numbers" posts, I might have to steal the idea sometime. :)

    And I knew it was only a matter of time 'till those furry little boogers wormed their way into your affections. ;)