Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love is . . .

I loved to read as a child. My sister Rachel and I would tear through books at an alarming speed. I loved the Baby-Sitter's Club Series by Anne M. Martin. Did you know she has a new series out now? I bought a few for my little cousin's birthday.

My mom has a great story about the first book I "read." I was reading well before kindergarten, though not nearly as early as my parents thought!

We had a Precious Moments book called "Love Is..." It was a board book, great for little kids. It was often my request at bedtime. Pretty simple book, maybe 10 pages total.

Well, one night I asked my mom if I could read it to her. I believe I had just turned 4. I read her the whole book, turning the pages at appropriate times. She was so impressed! She couldn't believe I could read EVERY WORD in the book!

Hmm... funny how that was the only book I could read. Yup, I had memorized it. I knew what words went with what pictures, and could recite the book. She still laughs about how I "tricked" her.

I still have that book in my attic. It reminds me that if you can't solve a problem head on, look for a way around it.

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  1. That's great. I had a couple of those Precious Moments books, too. I remember if my mom got slick and tried to skip a page to get to bed earlier, I'd *always* call her on it. :)