Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here we go again . . .

Fun story from last week, involving the dogs, exercise, and my own stupidity.

I feel like I haven't really shared any STORIES lately, so here's a good one.

Last Friday, it was gorgeous outside. Unbelievably so. 75 degrees, sunny, a very light breeze. Pretty much the perfect day.

Instead of going to Curves, I decided I'd go home and take the dogs for a run. (I pretty much hate running, which just goes to show how lovely it was outside that I was willing to deal with it.)

I pull on my workout clothes, grab a baseball cap, and I'm out the door with the leashes. Garage door slams behind me. I freeze, then slowly turn around and try the knob.

Yep. Locked myself out. Again.

Well, no big deal, I thought, Phillip will be home by the time I finish running.

Jack, Leia, and I enjoy a nice run through the woods. I thoroughly tired them out, which I was pretty smug about. We've been running for about 45 minutes, which I figure is plenty of time (and honestly, about all I could take).

We head back toward the house, only to find that my husband STILL isn't home. I whip out my cell phone to call and find out where he is.

Phillilp: I'm still at work; I'll be home in about half an hour.

Me: Oh. I locked myself out. Again.

Phillip: Wow, that sucks.

Me: Yeah, no kidding. Guess we'll keep running.

So the three of us headed down the lane toward my MIL's home, only to find that she wasn't home either.

However, my brother-in-law is standing outside talking on his cell phone.

I tell him my story, about what an idiot I am for locking myself out of the house AGAIN.

The crazy part? He says, "Yeah, I'm locked out, too."

I mean, really, what are the odds?

Now for the moral of the story:

You should always leave a spare key at someone else's house. And my choice should not be my MIL's house.

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  1. LOL. It happens to all of us. Blame it on those work out clothes. There's no pockets for a key!