Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Totally Random Wednesday

Made it! Finally!

1. How lame have I been lately with the scrapping? Here's one from last week:

2. No, that's not me. Note the skinniness. That is my little sister.

3. Why cannot I not take a decent photo of a scrapbook layout lately? I was really good at it for a while, but no more!

4. I am ridiculously tired lately. What is my issue? Cutting back on the caffiene totally sucks.

5. Monday night I made roasted sweet potatoes. Oh, my goodness. So delicious. Just chunk 'em up, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Takes about 25 minutes on 450.

6. It is way too cold for March. I do not want to wake up on March 18th to 37-degree weather. Where are you, spring?

7. My house is a disaster area right now. I totally do not have the "spring cleaning" bug that some people get. There is a pile of folded clothes at least 3 feet wide by 1 foot tall on my dresser that need to be put away. I started added to that pile at least a week ago. Maybe I should tackle that tonight. We'll see.

8. My office ordered pizza for lunch. I had vegetable pizza. Is that acceptable on the slim-fast diet? If not, it should be. It was awesome.

9. I want to go to bed early tonight, but I also want to watch CSI:NY. It's a toss-up.

10. The Mario Kart game will be on my doorstep tonight! I am WAY too excited about this. It's kind of embarrassing. However, my husband was definitely way more excited about Rock Band, so we're cool.

11. I really hate talking on the phone. I am way too easily distracted. Too bad that I am on the phone for maybe 3 hours a day with my job. I would much prefer to meet with someone face-to-face.

12. On the other hand, I am always super nervous about meeting new people. Weird.

13. I definitely am going to edit photos of layouts tonight and post them somewhere. Probably. Maybe.

14. Goals for my house for this week/rest of March: Put china in china closet, not just in box on the floor. Organize top shelf of closet with piles of clothes to donate/sell. Clean scrap room. Dust.

15. Food for thought: Why is it that I'm never low on gas until I'm in a hurry and don't have time to stop?

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