Thursday, March 5, 2009

Totally Random Wednesday.

Yes, it's Thursday. I know. But I had a snow day on Monday. And this makes total sense to me.

1. Two days ago I found a full carton of eggs in my freezer. I just know I had to be the one who put them there, but why? What was I thinking? "Ooh, frozen eggs, my favorite!"??

2. This morning I took the curve on my driveway a little bit too fast and skidded into the lovely pile of snow my husband had plowed. Yes, my little Camry got quite the workout this morning.

3. I have not been to Curves all week, and have decided that I'm really too lazy to go today as well.

4. We made Taco Soup last week (WW recipe from a co-worker). Very tasty. Phillip says, "Taco Soup is a stupid name. We should call it Mexican Greatness Soup." So we do.

5. Phillip is escorting my little sister in her high school's "Ms. Irresistable" Contest on Friday night. It's pretty much hilarious. They each have to dress up as a "woman in history." She chose Sarah Palin. Should be interesting, to say the least.

6. My newest Creating Keepsakes came yesterday. I've already read it cover to cover. Very good. I love the changes they've made for this year.

7. My skin is so dry from the cold weather that it is literally flaking off my forehead. Gross.

Have a great Wednesday/Thursday.

1 comment:

  1. LMAO. Mexican Greatness Soup.

    With a name like that, I may just need that recipe.