Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day, Anyone?

Unless you live in a hole (or maybe on the west coast), you've probably heard about the storm that hit the Eastern seaboard this weekend. You know, the one that dropped 6-12" of snow? The most snow we've had in a single storm since the "Super Storm of '93"?

Yes, that's what the weatherman called it. And I remember that storm (I was 9), and it was AWESOME!!!

Anyway, my office was closed yesterday. I spent all day lying on the couch with my husband and playing in the snow with the dogs.

Oh, so hilarious. These dogs have basically never seen snow before (at least not like this!) They were SO confused. Keep in mind, they are beagles. At their highest point, they are maybe 10 inches tall. Some of the drifts were well over two feet. See where I'm going with this?

I laughed so hard.

I do have pictures, but as I was SO super busy yesterday, I have yet to put them on my computer. Will do so tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you had fun. And I bet those pics are hilarious.