Friday, February 27, 2009


I have been such a loser at work this week. I'm making stupid mistakes that I really shouldn't have been making, and I am just glad this week is almost over. Very stressed right now.

Plus, BOTH of my grandmas are having surgery today. What are the odds? I'm waiting to hear how everything went.

Saturday I'm going back to UD for a sorority alumni event. There is a definite possibility of fun here, it depends who comes! My very best friend from college is currently attending grad school at Texas Tech, so chances she'll surprise us and come at the last minute are pretty much nil.

Very busy, very stressed, and finding it hard to believe that we're already two months through 2009. Does this shock anyone else?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Current Project

So, we've been building a shop for my husband.  More like a second home, really, or at least it seems that way.

First, we graded dirt (and I use the term "we" very, very loosely here and throughout this post) and set poles.  These poles are so incredibly heavy.  I could not lift one end over two inches.

See that empty space?  Phillip was one post short, and so he & I put that post up the next night.  Notice how in the picture above, 4 grown men are holding the post in place?  Yeah, I held that sucker.  By myself.  And Phillip tilted it in place.  By himself.  I was so impressed.

Next came the framing and the trusses.

Watching them set these with the crane was unbelievably cool.  And that day, it was 25 degrees and the wind was blowing 30 mph.  Not really the best day to set trusses, but we (my husband & his friends) are only working weekends, so we have to take what we can get, weather-wise.

The first two trusses up & braced.

Two of our friends up on the roof nailing 2x4s into the trusses.

It's a 16-foot building, so these guys are up there.  And they just walk around like it's no big deal that they could fall at any moment.

At the end of the day, all the trusses are up, which ends the framing portion of the job.  Still much to go.  (Love this silhouette.)

Last weekend, they started on the metal roof.  Here's the roof over the "office" portion of the shop:

Yesterday, they finished all the metal on the roof, which I have yet to take pictures of because I'm pretty lazy on the weekends.  Next week, they will start adding the metal to the sides.

So what am I doing in all this?

I make lunch for 5-10 hungry men.  Hamburgers, sandwiches, and one highly complimented round of pulled pork sandwiches.  And sweet tea.  Lots of sweet tea. 

They eat quite a bit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My husband is . . .

. . . completely amazing. He totally keeps me from going off the edge.

We have a plan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because apparently, I have that kind of time.

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Actually, with this pic I totally get the whole Kristen Davis thing. But Dakota Fanning? Really?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

PTI Anniversary Celebration

On Nichole Heady's blog today, there was a challenge to create a card based on a sketch.  The winner receives a roll of EACH of PTI's ribbons.  Not bad, eh?

I needed a baby shower card anyway, so I pulled out "Bitty Baby Blessings" and went to town.  I really like how this turned out:

Stamps:  PTI Bitty Baby Blessings, PTI Polka Dot Basics

Paper:  PTI White, Summer Sunrise, & Lemon Tart

Ink:  PTI Summer Sunrise & Lemon Tart

Ribbon:  PTI Summer Sunrise - Satin

Friday, February 6, 2009


Sick yesterday.

Not much better today.

And here's something that's sure to make you feel better:


Good to know I was above (below?) average at a whopping 39% decrease for 2008.

Yay, me.

I am so so so thankful it is Friday, but I do have to go to a bridal shower tomorrow, and let's be honest, that is not going to be the highlight of my weekend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's snowing. It has been snowing for at least 5 hours now.

I had to use the Emergency Brake 3 times on my way to work this morning. The weather report said that by midnight last night, the winter storm advisory would be over.

Good call.