Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living My Word


I thought this was a pretty cool word for my year. It's something I need to work on a bit.

Savoring the moment.

In honor of last week's birthday, here's 17 random things I've savored so far this year.

1. Got a new haircut last Friday. Totally savored having my hair washed. This is seriously one of the best experiences. Love it.

2. Dinner with my husband Saturday night. Savored the time with him, and savored the awesome tortellini in a sauce that was basically cream and butter and liquor. Awesome.

3. Savored my four day weekend. The time to just do nothing.

4. When our heat stopped working this weekend, I totally savored the fact that my husband can build a heck of a fire. And for the first time ever, I built one myself. Savoring that feeling of accomplishment.

5. Savoring the fact that I have a craft room right now and I can just shut the door if it gets messy. Love having my own space, something I've really never had.

6. Also enjoying that my husband is basically a mini space heater whose sole purpose is to keep me warm :)

7. Hot showers.

(At this point, I've typed "savor" so many times that it's starting to feel like a made up word.)

8. I have a job. I like it.

9. My job is only 13 miles from my house. So nice.

10. I totally savor sleeping in late when I can. I LOVE to sleep.

11. Coca-cola. I enjoy it so much every time I take a sip. Ah.

12. Chicken salad from Sam's Club. I am so not a chicken salad fan. Mostly because I hate mayo. But this stuff is to die for. I pretty much eat it with a spoon at lunchtime.

13. The friends I've developed through online scrapping and blogging. There are some people out there that I feel like I really connect with, and would definitely never have met otherwise.

14. The Dunkin' Donuts coffee I am drinking right now. One Splenda and three drops of fat free French Vanilla Creamer. Perfection in a mug. Seriously.

15. Totally savoring that we are starting construction on a shop out back. Not only will my husband have a place to work on farm equipment, but he's building an attached office. Which means that all the deer heads hanging on the wall in his room/our computer room will be going out there. So excited. And I love that he's getting a place of his own too. He deserves it. (Our current office is "supposed" to be his room, but since it's where the computer is, I tend to spend some time in there. A lot of time, actually.)

16. Having the time to create. I love that I normally have an hour or so each night where I can do whatever I want, which has lately been scrapbooking.

17. Writing a blog. So much more fun than a journal. I love getting responses, and I really didn't think I would care one way or the other. But I do! I love it when someone helps me to think about something in a different way. And I really love when someone agrees with me.

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  1. This is a great list! Even though savor is not my word, I might have to make a list like this myself.

    And I totally agree with you about the hair washing. I'm getting a cut next week and can't wait!