Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Update

So, the big birthday has come and gone and my general feelings of anxiety have subsided.

I mean, really, what was I going to do, freeze time and stay 23 forever?

Not that I didn't consider it, believe me.

Oh, and I think I figured out why that specific number bothered me so much. Before Saturday, I was in my early twenties.

Now, I am in my mid-twenties.

See the difference?

My husband got me, among other things, the new Rachael Ray cookbook, "The Big Orange Book." Now, I've been a Rachael Ray fan simply for the 30-minute meal idea. Personally, she's a little too perky for me, but she does tend to have good, easy recipes.

So what happened, Rachael? I love how she writes about being able to find "gourmet" ingredients everywhere now. Uh, no. You can't. Super Wal-mart does not have broccoli rabe. Or canned San Marzano tomotoes. Or polenta. And Super Wal-mart is pretty much my option for groceries. My farmer's markets don't sell high-quality, hard to find produce. They sell tomatoes. And watermelon. And sweet corn. That's it. Sorry, but "gourmet" is not everywhere.

On the other hand, she devotes a whole chapter to recipes from her mom and MIL. And they look awesome. 4-7 ingredients. Recipes for whole chickens, pot roasts, and other meals my husband heartily approves of. Because there is no way in hell he is going to eat "Deviled Eggs with Caviar."

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  1. I'm with you on the gourmet thing. It is NOT everywhere. What was so bad about simple food anyway, Rachel?