Friday, December 19, 2008

Printing Woes

I normally print all of my pictures through Snapfish (or Wal-mart, if I'm in a hurry). I very rarely print anything at home, mostly because it's more expensive to buy the ink and paper than to order online.

For my December Daily, I have been printing my pictures every day at home on my HP printer (supposedly a photo printer).

I purchased the "good" photo ink, thinking it would make my pictures look almost as if they were printed professionally. (It doesn't, although it is better than just using regular colored ink.)

One of these photo printers is roughly $20. I've printed roughly 20 pictures so far for my album.

I am out of ink.

This is just super ridiculous. $1 per photo? For a 4X6? And not even including the cost of the paper?


Printing at Snapfish costs me $.08/photo. The math works out that I am paying 12 times more to print at home! Ugh.

I am fairly confident that my at home printing will be pretty limited from now on. I knew it was more expensive, but WOW!

If there was a good one-hour place in the town where I work, I would probably just go there everyday. But my one experience with the local pharmacy was a nightmare.

Too bad Wal-mart is 45 minutes away.

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  1. The first cartridge always runs out faster, because the ink has to move up into the printer. The next cartridges should last much longer. Not long enough to make them cheaper than online, but still.