Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Weekend.

I really am doing my December Daily. I'm just super lazy about actually getting the pictures of the project taken and edited. Will do tonight. (Maybe.)

This weekend was full of holiday spirit.

We (and by we I mean my husband) put up our house lights on Saturday. My contribution to outside lights normally goes something like this:

"Looks good, babe."

And then I walk back into my nice toasty house and pretend to be super busy.

On Sunday, we made the trek to our not-so-local landscape shop to pick up our tree. We drive about an hour, because this place normally has a really nice selection of the big, 11-12 foot trees we like. They are also a little cheaper than the local places.

Oh, but not this time. Their bigger trees were $125. Per tree. My husband almost fainted. (In case you're wondering, high prices don't make me faint. Just blood. And needles. And talking about surgery.)

Are prices for real trees about the same in your area?

We ended up going with a slightly shorter 10 foot tree, which, quite frankly, is still plenty big and looks lovely in our living room. And it was slightly more affordable, though not much. When did Christmas trees start costing over $100? Jeesh. (I know we could buy an artificial and not have to do this every year, but I am totally against artificial trees. I once threatened that I wouldn't come home for Christmas if my mother put up a plastic tree.)

I do love this tree. It is so full that you cannot see the trunk. Beautiful. I will post pics tonight so you can admire my tree-choosing abilities.

The bad part about getting a tree is moving furniture to accomodate said tree. My husband is super strong. Me? Not so much. We lifted our two couches no fewer than four times to get them into perfect position, and I am SO SORE today. My legs and back are aching. And it really irritates me when he says, "If you lift with your legs, you wouldn't be sore."

Uh, if my legs were strong enough, that would probably work. But I have to use my ENTIRE body to equal the strength of one of his legs.

Although the moving is tough, the end result is wonderful. I do love Christmas and Christmas decorations.

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