Monday, October 20, 2008

Yeah, I'm a fainter.

Had a check-up today, and my doc wanted me to give blood (no worries, just standard stuff).

Thinking back to my last queasy episode, I was slightly concerned and warned the technician that there was a (very) strong possibility that I could faint. She took the blood, and I actually felt okay!

For about 45 seconds.

Then I felt the symptoms: shaky, flushed, overheated, dizzy. Told her I wasn't feeling well, and could I please have some water?

20 more seconds. Said I was pretty sure I needed to lie down immediately. Okay, she'd walk me to a bed.

Woke up on the floor.

Why does this keep happening to me? Jeez. I feel like a big loser.

At least this time I managed to get about 5 steps before falling.

Asked the technician (Marsha, who was super nice) if I could just lay on the floor for a minute. Felt a little better, got her to help me to a bed so I could rest and drink my water.

When I got out of the office, the first thing I did was call my husband and tell him (keep in mind, he's probably on a combine).

Me: So I'm a fainter.

Him: What?

Me: Fainter. Your wife's a fainter.

Him: Oh, tell me you didn't.

Me: Yep, I'm a fainter. At least this time I was actually giving blood, rather than talking about it.

Him: Yeah, I guess that makes it a little better.

Me: No big deal, happens all the time.

Just par for the course, I guess.

Also - I'm doing Ali Edward's "Week in the Life" project this week. I know, I'm a few weeks late, but better now than never. It should be really fun, especially as my week as really started off with a bang (started off with a thump?). I'll try and post pictures daily, as well as my thoughts. I'll probably take my journaling right from the blog.

Today's thoughts so far:

  • Woke up and realized that since hubby is away for the night, I will wake up on my anniversary (tomorrow) alone.
  • Wisdom tooth check-up from last week's surgery. Everything good! Waited 35 minutes for a 7 minute appointment. Grrr...
  • Went to AC Moore with my 25% of total purchase coupon. Grabbed some super fine clear EP, glitter glue, notepads, a sweatshirt & a long-sleeved tee. Score.
  • Had time to kill. Went to bank. Went to the mall. Got my rings cleaned at Zale's. Tried on 4 dresses and 2 pairs of jeans in Old Navy. Discovered that nothing looked as good as the jeans I was already wearing.
  • Walked around the mall for a while. Bought hand lotion from Bath & Body works. Wow, the smells in that store make me a little nauseous. But their spa hand cream is awesome. And my hands currently look disgusting.
  • Annual exam. Went to the wrong building (I do sort of recall the receptionist telling me on the phone that they moved). Exam went fine, minus fainting episode.
  • Wal-Mart. So much better in the middle of the day, with hardly anyone there. Easy peasy.
  • Fifer's Orchard for fresh apple cider and apples. Oh so good. I refuse to buy supermarket apple cider.
That's it for now. I'll finish up later.

Friday, October 3, 2008


My co-worker's husband was laid off yesterday.

I am ashamed to admit that one of my first thoughts was, "Glad it wasn't me."

Oh, I know that makes me an awful person. I do. And I immediately regretted the thought, but it happened, and I'm just being honest.

Then reality started to sink in. With the economy and the job market in such a volatile condition right now, it could be me. It could have been anyone. Very scary realization. I mean, here's someone who was good at their job, and was let go not because of performance, but simply because of tenure (more specifically, lack of tenure).

I have been at my current position for one year as of Wednesday. Scary.

So now this family of five, with one child still in daycare full time, has to figure out what to do. Yes, they were financially responsible. They have money saved, they did not overextend themselves, and their bills are all manageable. But that doesn't make it any less anxiety-inducing. I feel for them, and hope they make it through this time relatively unscathed.

What is really frustrating is that there are many people out there, who, through no fault of their own, are tightly strapped for cash. They didn't take out risky mortgages or pile on the credit card debt. They didn't do a poor job at work. They simply had bad luck. I feel for these people, much more so than the homeowners/borrowers who caused or at least partly caused their own problems.

Maybe that makes me slightly heartless, but it's how I feel, and this is my blog. So there you have it. If I want to choose to feel sorry for one group and not another, I can certainly do so.

I do fervently hope that the economy turns around soon, as truly everyone is affected in some way. I avoid looking at my 401K, for example. I hope the House passes the bail-out bill today, and I hope it works. I hate the fact that my tax dollars are paying for someone else's poor judgement, but I realize that we need a major change, or everyone will suffer.

On a happier note, my best friend is getting married tomorrow, and I am so excited for her! My husband and I are going to the rehearsal tonight, and then I have to be at her house tomorrow morning at 7 for hair and make-up. Talk about a long day! We are both going to be exhausted, so no posting for me until Sunday at least.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Such an old man...

I am constantly teasing my husband that he is such an old man. He loves to talk about the weather, watch Wheel of Fortune, and go to bed early. He's an 80-year-old in a 25-year-old body.

Nothing illustrates my point quite as well as his comment last night. He went to pick up his tuxedo for a wedding we are in this Saturday (he's the best man, I'm a bridesmaid). The dressing rooms at the tux shop were being remodeled, so he had to try everything on at home. He pulls on the pants and says, "Hey, adjustable waistband. I wish all my pants had this!"

I cannot make this stuff up.

I must have stood there for the longest time, laughing so hard my stomach hurt. He's so funny sometimes, and he really doesn't mean to be.

By the way, he actually DOES have a few pairs of "adjustable waist" pants. They are his work pants from Dickie's, seen here.

Secretly, I sometimes wish my pants had an adjustable waistband. Lucky men.

I'm weak. (AKA Ode to Coke)

I did so well for so long. But I couldn't take it anymore. It just stared at me every time I opened the office fridge.

"Drink me. You know you want to."


And I did.

And it was fabulous. I missed you Coke. You always know how to brighten my day, with your sugary sweetness, your effervescent carbonation (is that redundant?), and your satisfying "pop" when opened.

I'm sorry I was away for so long. Seventeen long, lonely days. I tried to resist your charms, but you sucked me into your deliciousness. Oh, how I longed for you.

I never want to be separated from you again. The 140 calories are SO WORTH IT! I mean, I can burn that by walking to the bathroom a few more times during the day. Conveniently, drinking a can of Coke will enable me to do just that! See, it is perfect.

I love it, and I'm not giving it up again.

So there.

Note: I am slightly ashamed that I have no willpower, but in the long run, there are worse habits to have. I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink heavily. I'm not a gambler. I don't drive aggressively (OK, sometimes I do).

Just let me have this one vice, people. I would rather exercise more and eat less than give up my Coke for one more day.

(I am doing pretty well on my other challenge items, so at least it's not all been a total letdown. I do have some self-esteem.)