Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the other sister

I have written a little bit about my (littlest most little?) youngest sister (age 17), but not too much about my younger (in the middle) sister(age 21). I am remedying that problem today.


I know, she looks so innocent.

She's currently a few hours from home, studying to be a CSI (no, really) at a small college that she loves. I wish I had some cute little story to tell about her as an introduction, but nothing is coming to mind that has happened recently. So I thought I'd do a quick list.

Twenty random quirks/personality traits/things that make her tick:

She has the best dry humor.

Never afraid to let anyone know where she stands.

Truly does not care what anyone else thinks.

Super smart. Bio-major smart, people.

Does not share well. OK, maybe I don't LOVE this about her, but it makes me laugh and is definitely a part of her personality.

Would do anything for her friends. I am always so impressed with how tight she and her friends are. I have a few close friends, but she has friends coming out the wazoo.

Timid until you get to know her.

Never calls me. I always have to call her.

Likes hugs.

Hasn't drank any soda in over five years. Clearly she has never felt the addictive power of Coca-Cola. (I'm barely hanging in there, by the way.)

She has gorgeous curly hair. No one else in our family does. I'm so envious.

Was a college cheerleader.


Note: I have no idea where she is in these pictures.

She and my youngest sister still fight like they are ten years old. It cracks me up. And drives my mom crazy because they both still live with her, although middle sister is only there during the summer and some weekends.

She met her boyfriend while working at a seafood restaurant.

Completely unorganized, a trait she clearly inherited from our mother. Youngest sister and I are more the type to arrange our closets by color (and actually, I do).

Definitely not a morning person.

Great with kids. She's also great with people her own age. I cannot recall ever knowing someone who didn't like her. If the CSI thing doesn't work out, she would make a fabulous kindergarten teacher. (Totally off-topic, but it amazes me how many people spell kindergarten incorrectly - you grow things in a garden, kids go to kindergarten. Same thing with "congratulations." I especially love seeing "Congradulations Graduate!" Oddly enough, you hardly ever see it shortened to "congrads." Hmm. . .)

Back to my sister -

When I got married, she put pictures up on her Facebook page. Including the one of me in my underwear, getting reading to step into my dress. When I asked her to take it down, she says, "Oh, I didn't think about it." Uh, thanks. Glad everyone got to see my panties.

She loves to read.

Like me, she loves to shop and get a bargain. She must have over 50 pairs of shoes that cost her $10 or less. Pretty impressive.

So that's the 411 (wow, haven't used that term in a while) on my middle sister.
I am definitely thankful for her. She rocks.

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  1. Sisters rock!! I am some what the middle one too. (2 older and one younger)WE are all soooo different and I am very close to each one of them.

    My little sister and I still fight like 10 year olds too

    Smiles, Lisette