Monday, September 15, 2008

Mocha half-caff skim with no whip

Well, not exactly.

Today I am super thankful for coffee. More specifically, Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut coffee. There is really no other coffee that can compare. (I love you, Dunkin' Donuts.)

And it has to be bought in the bag at Dunkin' Donuts, but made at home. When you buy a cup at the store (restaurant?) they use regular coffee and add a flavor syrup. It's just not the same.

Also, it tastes better at the office than at home. Interesting.

Regardless, two cups of DD Hazelnut coffee with Splenda and fat-free French Vanilla creamer really makes my day. I feel like I need that little burst in order to focus in the morning. Seriously, ask anyone who has called me at 8:15 on a Monday.

I need it the most on Mondays, when I am super tired from the weekend. Sometimes two cups is just not enough, and I need a third. Actually, it's kind of scary how much caffeine I put into my body on a weekly basis. Writing this down has made me feel a little bit like a junkie. Good thing I'm cutting out soda.

Speaking of my challenge, I have been doing well so far. I completed all five of my goals yesterday, and am already one down for today. Off to a good start, I guess.

My extra special goal for today is to get through my dentist visit with out any new catastrophes. I have a cavity filling today with my regular dentist, but don't worry, I have some meds for the appointment to keep me nice and relaxed. Plus Novacaine, which makes my entire face numb for about five hours. Totally fine, because my pain tolerance is about the same as my tolerance for talking about needles.
Pretty minimal.

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  1. ooh, yeah ... D&D coffee is good... makes me miss the northeast! I've never had good results with brewing at home, though. I think we need a new coffee maker.

    I do like Starbucks, too, but mostly for the fancy drinks, not the straight coffee. Love a good caramel machiatto, especially in the fall/winter.