Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love online shopping.

I love that there are so many options available to me with the click of a mouse, and I can literally order anything I can dream of over the web. There are items I would never be able to find in my relatively rural area that are suddenly easily obtainable.

My favorite thing about shopping online is the online reviews that other customers leave. Since I usually base most of my buying decisions on "touchable" quality, it is reassuring to find out what other customers liked/disliked about a product and how well it is represented in the online store. Many times, it has been the customer reviews that have convinced me to buy one product over another.

I dislike shipping costs. This is probably pretty universal, and while I totally understand that companies have to charge shipping, if I can avoid it, I will. A lot of my favorite stamping/scrapbooking sites offer free shipping with a certain dollar amount of merchandise, which I try to take advantage of when I can. I also like Wal-mart's "Ship to Store" policy. You can order online (great for items that they don't carry in the stores), and then pick it up in the store 7-10 days later, with no charge for shipping! I realize this is a way for them to get people into the store to buy more stuff, but it works great for me! I go to Wal-mart at least every two weeks for groceries, so I can combine trips, actually saving money.

Right now I'm thinking of buying these stools from walmart.com:


I have a small area behind my kitchen counter where we have always planned to put stools, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I love high backed stools like these but space is pretty limited, so I think my choice will be a better fit. I like that they aren't the plain round stools that I have seen over and over again. I wanted something a little different, but not something that would instantly draw my eye. I don't want my stools to be the focus of my entire kitchen.

The only decision I have left is whether to buy 2 or 3. I think I will probably start with 2 and see how it looks. I can always order another, because I won't feel bad about the shipping!

Goal notes: I am doing really well. The only item that trips me up is taking a multi-vitamin. I can remember at work, but I forget to take it at home. The soda thing is still really hard, but I am getting a little better. Wearing my little sister's jeans on Saturday really motivated me. If we start wearing the same size, that opens up a whole world of wardrobe choices for me!

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  1. Oh, those are cute! We've got a stretch of counter that could use some stools, too.