Thursday, September 18, 2008

Financial Stability

I'm often grateful that my husband and I are financially stable. We both have good jobs with very secure companies in secure industries. We have a mortgage, but it's reasonable (and fixed for the full term). We have a car payment and other bills, but we both have good money sense and stay on top of and ahead of our current liabilities.

We also live within our means, and have no desire to do otherwise. So many people get into financial trouble because they live for the instant gratification that a new car or a bigger house can bring, but we are satisfied with what we have, and I am thankful that we share that mindset.

With the current economic conditions, I think it's important to recognize that individuals need to take a little more responsibility for their own finances, and not expect someone to fix their problems for them. I have never felt entitled to anything, and for me the true satisfaction comes when I have earned something.

I'm thankful that I can look at the stock market and think, wow, that sucks, but know that my investments (what few there are so far) are diversified enough to give me a sense of security.

I'm extremely thankful that I no longer work in the housing industry selling new homes! Our situation would be totally different if that were the case, so I suppose I am also grateful that a family friend thought of me when a job opened in her company last fall.

On a lighter note, I have not had a Coke for 5 days and it is driving me up the wall. Seriously, I can taste that bubbly, carbonated goodness on the tip of my tongue. Every time I go into the break room, I have to tell myself that surely I am stronger than that little red can. To keep myself distracted, I must have drank 10 full glasses of water today. I have to pee about once every 45 minutes.


I miss you Coca-Cola. But I gotta be strong.

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